Landscape Scale Conservation in the Northeast and Midwest

The Foundations of Collaboration for the USDA Forest Service (Eastern Region, Northeastern Area, Northern Research Station, Forest Products Laboratory) and the Northeastern Area Association of State Foresters.

USDA Forest Service and NAASF Vision

The work of the USDA Forest Service and state forestry agencies is focused on maximizing the public benefits derived from trees and forests.  The USDA Forest Service and state forestry agencies are positioned to serve people in this region through a cohesive, comprehensive Landscape Scale Conservation (LSC) approach to land management, protection, and wise use. We look forward to working with a wide range of willing partners in a process to design collaboration in pursuit of LSC. Using the concept of LSC, we seek to work seamlessly within the USDA Forest Service, state forestry agencies, and a broad array of partners at a landscape level to achieve conservation objectives consistent with the issues and priorities that define and identify those landscapes. LSC shall be a foundational concept of USDA Forest Service and state forestry agency behavior and stewardship actions across the Northeast and Midwest.

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