Profiles In Conservation

Profiles in Conservation graphicThese articles are about inspirational people who do good things in the world of conservation across the 20 states served by the Northeastern Area. The people of these stories are not necessarily wealthy land barons, professional "insiders” or high-level government officials. They are everyday people following their own ethical compasses and whose personal efforts in conservation serve to achieve noteworthy results. As such, they are role models for others to follow.

For example, the first article in the series discusses a New York City trash hauler who retired upstate and became a model forest landowner. Another article in the works features a disabled veteran in Minnesota who has planted more than 100,000 trees in honor of Vietnam service members who were killed or missing in action. Another article under consideration is about an amateur entomologist working on the front lines to keep forests healthy. These are just a few of the many conservation profiles waiting to be told.

These profiles talk about issues important to the Forest Service:  They personalize our efforts; demonstrate the value of sound forest management; teach others about forestry and the environment; and inspire others to want to learn or do more. They tell our story. Most of us know these stories; have seen them, told them and lived them. To those of us in the Forest Service and our partners, these stories are commonplace because we are so close to them, but to folks outside our professional circles, they serve as extraordinary examples of what ordinary people are doing to protect, use and enjoy our natural resources in a sustainable way.

Your help is needed to find suitable candidates for Profiles in Conservation. We want you to engage your professional and personal networks and rack your brains to seek out people who might make an interesting profile. Our goal is to build a diverse, memorable and inspiring group of praiseworthy folks from across the Northeastern Area. The resulting profiles used to tell our story both internally and externally.

As you run across these interesting stories about folks or if you know of someone who might fit the desired profile of candidates, please forward information about them to the NA Office of Communications Public and Legislative Affairs Team Leader Chuck Reger. He can also be contacted directly at 304-285-1524.

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