Promoting Sustainable Forestry

Case Study File: 

The Four Corners Pilot Forestry Project was developed by the MFRC’s EC Committee to promote healthy forests, improve and protect water quality, and produce a full range of forest products, including recreation, in a sustainable manner. These goals and more are outlined in the East Central Landscape Plan. This project represents the Committee’s first major effort to implement the East Central Landscape Plan on the ground.

Presently, forestry assistance and awareness in the Four Corners area is rather limited. The region is experiencing rapid parcelization, and the area’s smaller sized parcels do not readily lend themselves to active forest management.

Forests provide tremendous benefits to landowners and communities. Thus, to ensure an equal share in those benefits, the EC Committee encourages all private landowners, foresters, loggers, citizens, community leaders and organizations to get involved in this pilot project.

In hopes to foster healthy, working relationships, the Four Corners Pilot Forestry Project seeks to promote cooperation and collaboration between as many local jurisdictions and landowners as possible. Thus far, the pilot project has worked with private landowners, local officials and agency staff to help increase the amount of land under sustainable forest management.

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