Newsmaking: A primer for success with the media
The Newsmaking webinar introduced participants to the basic framework for assessing and positioning the news value of a story. It includes a section on perspectives from the news desk, with slides by former AP reporter David Tirrell-Wysocki and his advice on building relationships with the media and creating compelling messages. The relationships between traditional and social (new) media are also discussed. A short, practical exercise for participants wraps things up.

Testing Social Marketing Strategies in Wisconsin: Overcoming Barriers to Action by Small Woodland Owners
A broad collaborative of private and public entities has come together in Wisconsin to test new systems, tools, and strategies to reach large numbers of woodland owners and move them to action.

Social marketing strategies used in outreach and sustained communication can move woodland owners in greater numbers and with a greater return on investment. The goal: more sustainable forestry being practiced on more acreage, resulting in improved land health.
Presenter: Jerry Greenberg VP Conservation, American Forest Foundation 

Communicating Forestry Issues Webinar

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